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Zeppone Caring Hands has been dedicated to Private Home Health Care serving the community and their families. Through the years we have grown by expanding our home care services, while maintaining our highly individualized care and upholding our core values of Integrity, Compassion and Professionalism. State Licensed. Fully Insured & Bonded. 

Thea Zeppone is the Founder and Owner of Zeppone Caring Hands Healthcare, a leading & prominent Private Homecare company in Savannah, Georgia, with specialties in Dementia, Alzheimer's and Mentally Disabled care. A mainstay of the Savannah Community, ZHC has been providing care for its clients since 2014 and employs and trains health care workers who showcase sensitive, thorough and effective care at the highest standards. Most notable is ZHC’s outstanding reputation in administering consistent and exemplary care to its clients while intermingling a greater support network through local hospitals, physicians and other entities.

With extensive experience and roots in healthcare that run deep, Thea has always been passionate about providing care to disabled and mentally impaired individuals. Thea comes from a long line of health care professionals and is passionate and outspoken about helping people be better.  She has worked in the health care industry for over 15 years and upon completing her studies at St. Leo University, launched ZHC. Disenchanted by the often unregulated and haphazard care of the disabled, Thea felt compelled to launch ZHC so she could administer 1:1 care and monitor her clients closely, ensuring they receive the best-customized care. She is often described as having "Caring Hands" by her clients, which is a moniker that influenced her company name, her own aspirations and drives her brand message. Her desire is that every patient feels well taken care of and their family's peace of mind is maintained.

Thea is diligent in her efforts, not only ensure her clients receive dignified and exemplary care but she also works tirelessly at maintaining the day to day operations of the business. She prides herself on and is committed to maintaining high care practices and standards. The work she does every day is more than a career it is her mission and purpose.


In addition to running ZHC, Thea is an active community leader and advocate. She serves on various boards and engages in local charity work. She hosts Senior giveaways throughout the year. Thea resides in Savannah, GA with her 3 children.

MISSION Statement

Perpetuating Quality of Life

Zeppone Caring Hands Home Care is a client-centered family focused, Licensed Home Care and Personal Assistance Service Agency. committed to perpetuating quality of life and human dignity by providing skilled, compassionate and culturally competent caregivers for the clients we service.

Preserving Peace of Mind 

At Zeppone Caring Hands, we believe peace of mind enhances your quality of life. You can rest assured that every ZCH caregiver we assign has passed a comprehensive national background check,  past employment reviews and character assessments. It is understood that you are seeking our services due to challenging circumstances, so with that in mind; we will strive to reduce stress and promote confidence by providing efficient and competent caregivers.

Providing Comfort

When you are comfortable; this ease extends to family, friends and loved ones. ZCH caregivers sent to you, are carefully chosen for the compassionate attribute they possess. We strive to identify care givers; who will focus on your specific needs, while following the care directives established by your health care professionals. We promise to offer caregivers that will relieve anxiety and bring you comfort and peace of mind. 

Protecting Dignity

Dignity is requisite to enhancing quality of life; realizing the sensitive nature of personal care assistance. We strive to identify caregivers who share in our belief; that human life has immeasurable worth and significance in all its dimensions, throughout all aspects of health and physical challenge. 

Promoting Healing 

Restoration and healing is facilitated in an environment that is therapeutic in nature. We strive to identity caregivers who will accommodate and maintain an atmosphere that is compatible to the emotional, spiritual, physical and cultural needs of those seeking home health solutions. 

Prolonging Independence 

Independence is a type of foundation to ones self esteem and a sense of autonomy. We are committed to reinforcing the love and care of family and friends with caregivers that will prolong the independence of the client. Care plans are tailored to the unique and often complex challenges facing each individual. 

Promising Integrity 

We believe that in the heart of every boy, girl, man and woman there is a yearning to be loved, cared for, respected and treated with dignity in-spite of physical, emotional and psychological challenges or cultural differences. As we strive to meet your needs, we promise to govern our actions in business as we do in life the foundation of our relationship will be built upon our commitment to honesty and integrity. 

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